Size Chart – Babies and Small Children

Size chart for babies and children:

Size label used in our shop Height Age Weight Corresponding US / UK sizes
Preemie up to 45 cm Premature up to 2.5 kg PM, Preemie
Newborn 45-55 cm Newborn 2.5-4 kg 0M, NB, Newborn
60 55-65 cm 1-4 months 4-8 kg 3M
70 65-75 cm 5-10 months 7-11 kg 6M, 9M
80 75-85 cm 11-18 months 9-13 kg 12M, 18M
90 85-95 cm 1.5-3 years 10-16 kg 2T, 3T
100 95-105 cm 2.5-4 years 12-19 kg 3T, 4T
110 105-115 cm 3.5-5 years 14-21 kg 4T, 5T
120 115-125 cm 5-6.5 years 16-24 kg 6T

The EASY and correct way to choose baby and children’s clothing size

Choose size by body height!  – It’s the most accurate

The best way to choose clothing size for babies and small children is by body height. Choose the size that is closest to your baby’s height.


If available sizes are “80” and “90”, and your baby is 87 cm tall then choose size “90” since it’s the closest.

Choosing clothing size for babies and children based on height is the best and most accurate because it refers to the actual size of your child.

Choose size based on age (if you don’t know the height)

Babies vary in size so choosing size based on age is actually an approximation. Choosing based on age is usually good enough, unless your baby is unusually small or big. Choosing clothing size based on age is a good alternative if you don’t know the child’s height.